My Inspiration

As Inspired By is a truly personal project, in it I describe how I interpret the world around me and express it as an outfit. I made my first post “If you can’t beat them join them”, a decade ago on May 26, 2010. At this point fashion blogs were new and popular and I found myself inspired. Although instagram had just been launched, the modern day influencers and partnerships were unimaginable to me. For me, blogging my outfits was just a creative outlet. My blog posts were like diary entries in which I could be discreetly vulnerable. Take for example my “Scandalous” post from July 22, 2010, the outfit that ended my first marriage. Okay, maybe there were other things going wrong before I wore this, but this post does record a significant time in my life. A short while after making this post I was excited to hear my husband get home (as we had plans to go to the mall). However, when he saw my outfit he refused to go out shopping with me unless I changed into a less “provocative" outfit. The argument quickly escalated to him threatening to divorce me. Long story short, I didn’t change. Although I might not always post the backstory, blogging about fashion helps me take a step back, process my environment and release it with creativity. It helps me find the strength, inspiration, joy, confidence, or whatever it is I might need at that moment.

My Goal

There are so many articles on how to find your personal style, but we are all already incredibly fashionable. Our individuality is our secret fashion weapon and the best part is that we were all born with it. For example, if I were to show you a picture of an outfit, chances are it wouldn’t take you long to tell me if you like it or not. Knowing what you like is the first of three parts to mastering your personal style. The second part is not being afraid to express it and third is knowing how to achieve it. My hope is that my outfits will inspire other outfits that bring their wearers joy and confidence.


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